Monday, January 17, 2011

Black Swan

This review took an extra day of reflection, due to the complex and beautifully dark movie. The innumerable range of emotions surrounded by psychotic moments, left me disoriented.
When you review a movie, you look at the individual elements that comprise the whole and judge them according to their strengths and weaknesses. This is the first movie this year were I found nothing but seamless cooperation between the elements, bringing forth a truly dark experience.
Plot: B
The basis of the movie was not an original concept, but the twists that occur are original to this story. Right as the movie starts you feel a dark undertone to the movie. As if you just climbed aboard a boat headed for a whirlpool. as the movie progresses you are being drawn down into an unexplainable madness from which it is impossible to discern reality.
Soundtracking: A
The music was composed perfectly. Taking you into dark and bringing out true emotions. Then breaking into silence, leaving you alone in the moment. Those moments are then flooded by gut wrenching, hair raising sound effects that embody pain. Soundtracking is absolutely solid, working subtly in the background to convey every scenes emotions.
Cinematography: A
Beautiful, flawless. Story capture at its best.
Acting: A
Natalie deserves every award possible. I truly believe that for her to have done so well, she fully became this character. Sadness, joy and elation, madness, anger. She conveyed it all. And you believed it all. From her tearful expressions, to the silent pain. She lived a roller coaster of emotions.
What I really enjoyed, was the subtle strings of madness followed by her reactions. Her mind playing tricks on her and those tricks melding in and out of the viewers perception of reality. Just a fabulous job.
Film Ended Feelings: A
I was so drawn into the movie, that as we were leaving, I handed Erica the car keys and said ' you drive'. I was so disoriented, truly, my mind was blown away by that movie and I would gladly watch it again. Fabulous movie, with an unbelievabl... unpredictable ending. I did everything but cry in this movie, but believe me, the knot was there in throat.

Overall the best movie I have seen yet, on this movie review year. I give this a solid A Rating

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