Sunday, January 30, 2011

Kings Speech

This movie was incredible. An enjoyable surprise. I know little about the the time period and region of this setting, but found it completely engrossing. There where parts that left me laughing out loud, others that made me somber and reflective. Compelling story so powerful....  a description of the human spirit. I was moved 
Plot: A
A monarch with no public voice. The inability to give public orations. The life long struggle to overcome ones shortcomings. Based in the real world and incredible. It had several elements not original to the movie screen, but for the life of me I cant recall one that did it better. The plot was simple. Rise and fall  to rise and fall to eventually rise again. The test of life's challenges captured and portrayed in this surprisingly true story. 
What was more fascinating to me, was how the movie introduced very real, very historically important characters but sidestepped any great detail about them. It kept the movie in focus and that was quite the challenge.  
Soundtracking: C
I enjoyed the music, the sound. But the film could have used a stronger score. I came away from the movie with a visual experience only. For the life of me I cant remember a single moment that was not made better by the music. The most powerful moments where made by the silence. 
Acting: A 
I am not sure who deserves it more. Geoffrey Rush, or Colin Firth. But one of those 2 is gonna get an academy award. Absolutely amazing. Dialog and witty banter. Range of emotion and depth of character. It is honestly worth seeing the movie to watch those 2 alone.
Cinematography: B 
There where some interesting camera angles produced for this cinematic experience. Most noticeably miss placed were a set of fish eye lens shots. They were done with the full intent of capturing  the size and scale of the world, but the application was not very well executed. Had you not known that the picture was to look the way it did, you could easily confuse the shot for green screen background computer generated. Well, they were not. They were real shots that just looked like carp. And for that fact only this category dropped to a B rating.    
Film Ending Feelings: B
I had heard this was the sleeper for best picture.... Unless they saw something I missed.... It was good. Surpassed my expectations. But Oscar worthy for best picture.... I would not vote for it that way. Over all in my opinion, I am happy that is has been nominated but deserving, I find it not. Absolutely fabulous but not best picture.  
I rate this movie a solid B rating and worth the watch, but I doubt I will ever watch this film again.

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