Sunday, January 2, 2011

Knight and Day

Plot: B. 
The plot was straightforward with few twists. Girl gets involved with spy game, falls into love with spy, then fights to stay with spy. 
Soundtracking: B. 
The music and sound was on the level with the movie, but not over the top, nor was it needed to have Hanz Zimmer compose for this simple a movie. However, I loved the theme element of the Louis Louis ringtones. An awesome throwback to Star Wars, and the character themes. 
Cinematography: B 
Cinematography, or the filming with the cameras, was done in a way that I really miss. It seems as tho in the last 10 years particularly, Hollywood has forgotten how to hold a camera still during intense action scenes. All tho I enjoy the attempt of the movies trying to make it more real, I would just prefer the ability to understand what the hell just happened...
Acting: C.
Acting was par with several scenes being so over the top not plausible, it could have been a major downfall. thus the lower rating in this category. Although the scenes were bad, they were made better by some of the acting.... and the constant smiling, as if the actors were saying themselves, this is supposed to be over the top and supposed to be funny.
Film Ending Feelings: C.
To sum it up, when the movie ended, I was glad that it ended the way it did. However, I was not left wanting more.The last 20 minutes of the flick was, to be honest a little too predictable.

My favorite line in the movie, I found Laugh out Loud hilarious. Everything leading up to it made it over the top funny. " We're hit June!, were goin down! but dont worry......" LOL. just typing it again is making me laugh.

Overall I Give this movie  C+ of an A-F scale. 

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  1. I agree on your review. It was definitely an entertaining movie - but deep it was not. Poorly acted and stunts were CLEARY unbelieveable.

    Excellent review Joe.

    And thanks for watching it [again] with me.