Friday, January 7, 2011

Season of the Witch

well.... hm. what to say. The movie has its good points, but they are easily overshadowed by the bad ones.
Plot: D
I got lost. Let me say it again... I got lost. And not because I wasn't paying close attention. Literally, the plot tried to take you in to many directions. It starts out like a good old boys, untouchable war movie. But then turns war crimes trial so fast and then bam! off to an escaped prisoner feeling, seeking redemption for the wrongs of war. Enter the horror elements, action suspense, and then..... oh yeah comedy. Cause that is what this movie needed. All, mean while, surrounding inaccurately implemented historical elements. The average viewer may have missed them or not cared, but when you know how something was or is done, you notice when they are done wrong. All I am gonna say about that.
Soundtracking: D
This is given a D purely because of bad plot direction. The music score, sounds and feeling tones followed the plot. And when that happened, it helped turn this movie into a joke. I literally was reliving Monty Python scenes in my head because the real scenes flowed so disconjointedly. Sarcastic enactment of one scene, done vaguely. ' oh we have just seen a horrific sight, why do people deserve that..... that's not what your mother said last night'. You see, that just does not go together, and the music followed that. Happy triumphant, freak horror, comedy, suspense, comedy, sad,comedy..... its like watching a one legged one armed clown try to ride a bicycle... that second peddle gets him every time, but why am I laughing at this.
Cinematography: B
I would have given this an A, except for 1 thing. She's looking at the camera again. I think we just need 27 more camera angles of her looking thru her perpetually changing hair, wet to dry to wet hair, at the camera. However, the plague victims. wow. Good lighting and filming to capture the realism.
Acting: D
2 things. 1, the best and most real performance in this movie was by the dying cardinal, played by Christopher Lee. Not hard, you act what you know, and that man is what.... 100.
2. Since when did Nicholas cage start taking acting lessons from Matt Damon.
Film Ended Feelings: F
As in WHAT THE F! Easily goes to show, curiosity killed the cat. I am happy I saw it because I would have always been curious, but that almost killed me. I will never watch this movie again.

Overall, if you have something better to do, do it. Not the worst movie I have ever seen, but pretty close. I give this movie a D- Rating

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  1. Okay I agree. I like your rating on the cinematography, because yes the plague victims were grotesque and rightly so. And her hair ALSO bothered me...go figure. It was wet, then dry, then wet again. Most of the time I thought I was watching the ring with all that black, wet hair hanging in her face.

    Good review. And way to get everyone there! I think I'm going to like this movie vow...if it gets everyone together.